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Web design
   1) Keep costs down for us so we can pass the savings on to you
   2) Design a straight forward and clear website which avoids confusing your customers with unnecessary flashy menus
   3) Keep design simple yet elegant to have a quick turn around time for you and a fast load for your customers

When you decide that you want a page designed, we will start by showing you a series a templates. This will give you ideas on color, layout, and functionality. When you find one you like, we will customize it to your business. The sites we design are based around web compatibility and time taken to load the pages.


Please note: Pricing on web design varies and depends on the type of business and what is needed to effectively promote your company and the services you have to offer.

With that said, for a basic site, such as this one, we charge $300 per page to design. A reasonable site has around 5 - 6 pages which makes the average site cost $1500 - $2000

We also have the ability to host your site and can provide a package deal for you.

If you are a non-profit company please state that and forward us documentation, we are happy to work with you and take into consideration your limited budget constraints.

Web hosting
Keep costs down for us so we can pass the savings on to you
The simpler your site, the less it costs to host.

The process will vary depending on registrar. This is handled on a case by case basis.

Hosting for a basic site such as this one is priced as follows:

Package Cost per month Months Total Cost  
5 yr $4.00 60 $240 **Best Deal**
4 yr $5.00 48 $240  
3 yr $6.00 36 $216  
2 yr $7.00 24 $168  
1 yr $8.00 12 $96 **Great starter**
Monthly $10.00 1 $10  

**More complicated sites (on-line purchasing, dynamic content, forms) are handled when needed. We have the means to do those but most service companies find that they do not need them--thus why pay for them?

Computer repair (Data recovery when possible)
Versatile IT aims to provide reasonable hardware and software repair. We have the ability to recover data from computers that have a corrupt operating system and in some cases a malfunctioning hard drive. Data recovery is an art that is not always perfect, but we have over 8 years of experience and have solved many problems.

The general process is to listen, observe, diagnose, and finally repair. This may be possible to do it on-site, but if you are local and able to bring the system to us, we will have more resources to utilize and would not charge travel time.

Flat rate of $60 / hr plus commute time (if needed)

Small Business Consulting
As a business, one time costs can be great, but small reoccurring costs can be even greater over time. One service we provide is to help you minimize your reoccurring costs. This could be anything from your phones, internet, technology leases, etc.

We will come in to your place of business whether that is your office or home office. We will look at everything it takes to make your business run. We will make suggestions where we can and try to provide you with a more efficient means of operating.

Flat rate of $60 / hr plus commute time

No business is too small or too large--We service the Ma and Pa, the husband and wife team, and on up. So please feel free to Contact Us so we can help you too.